MoSongs Communications 

Copenhagen based MoSongs Communications have a long history in the Danish entertainment business. We have tirelessly been working with movie companies as well as music companies and in the wings backing up upcoming artists for independent labels alongside well-established superstars signed to the biggest international music companies.  

For almost 20 years, MoSongs Communications have created digital media content and websites to the creative businesses. Amongst others we have served Norah Jones and David Bowie to name the most notable ones in the swarm of tasks that have been carried out by MoSongs Communications through the decades.  

With the necessary local knowledge and by being a versatile service provider, MoSongs Communications have been the obvious partner and entry points to Scandinavia for international marketing campaigns for the likes of music star Robbie Williams and promotion of the X-Men movies.  

In addition to communications and productions the addition of legal advice within the field of contract law, copyright law, IT law and company law have augmented MoSongs Communications’ selection of services to a new level. 

We support the movie industry by developing and running the weekly movie charts in the Nordic countries (,, og

Furthermore, MoSongs support the distribution of high quality international movies through selected digital platforms in the Nordics.

MoSongs Communications collaborate with the best freelancers in the business and can hereby offer any required service at a competitive price within the desired solution.

Morten Fischer

Master of Law/LL.M., journalist, editor, communication specialist.

A selection of previous productions spanning three decades.







Our history in brief

MoSongs Communications is established in order to manage the business side of music production and early days of online promotion.

The increasing digitisation of the entertainment business during the mid 00's led to a growing demand for web and video productions for music companies and other creative businesses. Robbie Wiliams' management became the first big international client for online PR.

As well as doing freelance productions, MoSongs Communications became webmaster for EMI Music.

Social Media and YouTube seriously began taking over the internet and MoSongs Communications expanded with SoMe services and handled all online activities for the best selling Danish pop group, Shu•bi•dua's archive based "come back".

MoSongs Communications now also offer legal advice to both the production side and the artistic side of the entertainment business and start ups, as well as providing know-how to other lawyers.
Services for the movie industry are increasingly a part of our portfolio.