Helping you shape your digital presence

We offer a wide range of services across the entertainment industry

  • From initial planning to digital media production
  • From communication and PR to reporting and evaluation

Based on a strong strategy we help you make the right decisions. By also offering

legal advice you can be confident that you are always compliant with any legislation

MoSongs Communications is founded and based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We operate pan Scandinavian and have experience with international collaborations.




Prime local know-how and insight

Marketing and promotion are best done with a strong network and thorough knowledge of the local market and relevant stakeholders

More than 20 years of experience

From the very early days of internet promotion to present day digital presence, MoSongs Communications have provided the entertainment business with the best solutions

100+ products and tools

Versatility is the key word when it comes to the hundreds of e-cards, websites, videos, digital covers, ads, banners and other online marketing tools that we have produced for promoting films, music and much much more...